Creative photography is producing creative, strong unique imagery with lighting and original composition. Hire Fiona for a creative photography shoot for family, website or for photographic prints.

Creative photography is perfect for clients who want to

Since leaving colleague photographer south London based Fiona has built up a portfolio of images comprising of a wide range of people from family photographs, acting and creative shoots for musicians to some corporate website head shots...

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Within my photographic packages I aim to be value for money. I take my time to find the best possible shot and won't stop shooting until I know I have at least a couple which I know fill all the requirements to make a quality image.


Hair, makeup, styling and location advice is provided as standard. For men I would suggest basic grooming and airbrush foundation which assists the speed in which I retouch an image and provides a balanced complexion for an image that you will be proud of!

After the shoot-you will be provided with a contact sheet of images with basic retouches; which I have marked as the best finals from which to choose from.

To contact Fiona for a creative photography service call 07985 179 315/ [email protected]